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Music Players

Music Players Specifications: 1. Color: black,white,blue,green,red 2. MP3;WMA 3. USB flash disk:1GB-16GB 4. USB 2.0 specification supporting 5. Take it easy, goes with anything 6. Rechargea

Posted Date: 18 Nov 2009

From : Shenzhen Dayu Technology Co.,Ltd. [ China ]

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Audio & Video Products

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MP5 Players Wholesaler

MP5 Players Wholesaler What are the mp5 players like? Its shape is neither fat nor thin. These mp5 players are China wholesale. It is an avi player. The China wholesale mp5 players have a stylish s

Posted Date: 26 Oct 2009

From : Rihey Co.,Ltd. [ China ]

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Audio & Video Products

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Mp3 Player Wholesalers

Engaged in wholesale & retail of Mp3 Player, Mp4 Mobile phones like Nokia, Apple, Sony, Samsung etc. Notebook computers, Delicate Hand-Painted Oil Paintings etc. We have reputation all around the worl

Posted Date: 24 Nov 2008

From : Yunfeng Trading Co.,Ltd. [ China ]

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Mobile / Telephone Accessories and Spare Parts

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Sony Cyber-Shot Wholesalers and Retailers

If you`re as concerned about how your camera looks as you`re snapping shots as you are with the shots themselves, you`ll love Sony`s 8-megapixel Cyber-shot DSC-T70. This well-designed ultracompact tu

Posted Date: 29 Sep 2008

From : PT.Toba Shop [ China ]

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Computer Stationery and Consumables

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